Monday, March 28, 2016

The Flexibility of Driving Range Netting

Practicing your golf shots at the driving range is a good way to perfect your golf game, but not all of the shots go straight. That is why there is driving range netting to protect the public.

Placed strategically along the perimeters, the netting cordons off the errant golf shots so there are no smashed windshields or concussion prone pedestrians.

The netting can also be placed in other areas of the range, such as in the back and along lakes, streams and downhill slopes, so the golf balls don't get lost.

After all, they must be retrieved at the end of the day so that they can be used again tomorrow. It gets expensive always having to replace lost golf balls.

The golf netting is also extremely useful for placement along the fairways of the golf course, so any residential areas are protected. No more broken kitchen windows or smashed patio glass doors, as the netting can be arranged in any configuration necessary with flexible poles and different heights and lengths for more information and tips you can visit

The netting can be hung anywhere it is needed in order to block those shots that got away, and the golfer wished he had back. It is very inexpensive too.

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